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New artwork: Plan of Salvation. Inspired by a comment my friend Naomi made about another piece.

This is also one of the first times (maybe the very first time) that I’ve superimposed things like this, especially out of chronological order. Hopefully it doesn’t make the piece overly confusing.

Last but not least, I’m really liking the SVG filters for making the edges seem more hand-drawn.

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New artwork: Before the World Was II.

It’s (in my opinion) a much better execution of Before the World Was, which used a quick DrawBot script that didn’t pay much attention to placement.

This time, working off the Generative Artistry circle packing tutorial, I wrote a Python script that places all the circles so there’s no overlap, then outputs an SVG with the turbulence/displacement filters I wrote about not too long ago.

For comparison (original on the left):


I also went with a slightly less saturated background in this new version, and I put a little bit of texture on the circles themselves to make it feel slightly more painterly.

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New artwork: Love at Home.

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Bubble Pursuit

For my graphics class earlier this year I had to write a small game. Ended up making Bubble Pursuit:


Super simple game, written in JavaScript using Three.js. I used Tiled for the map. A fun little project.

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New artwork: Prodigal Son.

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I usually listen to music to provide some background noise (helpful with kids in the house), but sometimes music is still a bit too much of a distraction. White noise helps there, so I did some poking around and found Noisli, which is great. Then I realized (naturally) that I could fairly easily make my own local version, no network access required.

It’s called Atmosphere, a Python script that takes a config file like this:

# Sound path

# Volumes (>1 = louder, <1 = quieter)
# Don't include extension
brook 0.3
crickets 0.9
fireplace 1.2
forest_rain 1.1
thunder1 1.3
thunder2 1.3
waves 0.05
wind 1.2

And then mixes the looped audio together via Sox. The current version isn’t perfect at all — it can use more CPU than I’d like, and I think it might work better as a menu bar application than as a command-line script — but it works. I’ve been using it for several months now.

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Come, Follow Me reader’s edition

Just released the Come, Follow Me reader’s edition. It’s an experimental supplemental edition of the Book of Mormon:


As for what it actually is: it’s a set of web pages with the text of the Book of Mormon grouped into the Come, Follow Me sections, and it’s reparagraphed sans verse numbers like my normal reader’s edition.

I have no idea whether it’s actually useful or not, but it was quick enough to make that I figured I may as well just do it. Let me know what you think.

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New artwork: The Lord’s Passover.

Also, this one wasn’t digital. (Acrylic on canvas board.) Definitely a different experience.

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New artwork: Mine Angels Round About You.

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Two new pieces of art: Pressing Forward (from Lehi’s vision) and New and Everlasting.

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