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Alrighty, after a much-too-long wait, we’ve got a new Mormon Texts Project release for y’all: Orson F. Whitney’s epic poem Elias: An Epic of the Ages. It’s on Project Gutenberg and available in EPUB and Kindle as well.

Formatting poetry ebooks takes a lot more work than prose. Especially when Whitney changes indentation styles almost every canto. Sigh. (Not to mention the psycho line numbering — see the book page for a rundown on the madness therein.) Regular expressions helped, but it was still a beast.

Anyway, now that that’s out of the way (phew), we’ll be getting back to a more frequent release schedule. I’m finalizing Essentials in Church History (which is über-long but fairly straightforward, formatting-wise) and working on the backlog for EPUB/Kindle conversions (about halfway done with Life of Heber C. Kimball, which is the longest of the books in the backlog), and we’re planning to have Hephzibah and My First Mission finished with proofing by the end of the month (with releases shortly thereafter).