See my now page for what I’m currently working on.

Who are you? What do you do?

Books (history, science, sf&f), art, coding, design, typesetting, genealogy. I’m Mormon. By day I’m a senior software engineer at the BYU Harold B. Lee Library, comfortably surrounded by millions of books.

You seem to like books.

Mmm, yes.

So, what’s this site about?

Stuff I’ve made, mainly. Most of it is Mormon stuff and language-related stuff, though there’s art and ebooks and more as well.


Very happily married, with four kids and a lot of books.

And you’re LDS?

Yes, very much so. My profile and “why I’m a Mormon” post go into a little more detail. I also tend to work on Mormon-themed projects.

Email? (though it often takes me a while to respond)

Can I give you money?

Uh…okay. I’m @bencrowder on Venmo.