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Just came across the Procreate Pocket update that recently dropped. It’s good! Very happy to see custom canvas sizes (I was able to get 6000x4000 on my iPhone 8 — only one layer, but painting wasn’t slowed down much at all), and creating custom brush sets on the phone is also nice. I think it’s finally to a point where I can use it for production work.

Fascinating article on parasitic wasps:

Forbes studies parasitoid wasps. These creatures use their stingers to lay eggs in (or on) the bodies of insects and other hosts. The grubs, upon hatching, devour their hosts alive, sometimes commandeering their minds and changing their behavior, and sometimes bursting out of their desiccated carcasses. There’s a wasp that takes cockroaches for walks after turning them into docile zombies, a wasp that forces spiders to spin a protective cocoon all while sucking them dry, a wasp that turns caterpillars into half-dead, head-banging bodyguards, a wasp that conscripts ladybirds into acting as babysitters.

(Cue the old National Geographic video. Parasitic wasps are creepy.)

The Soul’s Sincere Desire

“The Soul’s Sincere Desire.” Painted in Photoshop.

I wasn’t really happy with my execution of A Child’s Prayer, so I decided to try again with a different process, this time using a single layer and a single oil brush (Kyle Webster’s “Sargent 2017”), with the brush size kept small and with very limited undos. (Disclaimer: I did add a couple final texture layers at the end.)

I loved it. It was much more like analog painting than my normal process is, and the final result turned out much closer to the aesthetic I’ve been aiming for the whole time with these minimalist religious pieces.

Also, painting all those dots took forever.