Ben Crowder


These days I mostly make minimalist religious art, primarily using circles, triangles, and rectangles. If this kind of art doesn’t do anything for you, no worries, I totally understand. For the most part I work digitally, using a variety of tools.

Recent Work

  • Where Can I Turn for Peace? thumbnail
  • New and Everlasting III thumbnail
  • New and Everlasting II thumbnail
  • That Same Sociality thumbnail
  • Salt of the Earth thumbnail
  • Suffer the Little Children to Come unto Me thumbnail
  • Heart, Might, Mind, and Strength thumbnail
  • How Great Is His Joy thumbnail
  • Already to Harvest thumbnail
  • It Shall Be Opened unto You thumbnail

Featured Work

  • Peace, Be Still thumbnail
  • I Am a Child of God II thumbnail
  • I Will Give You Rest thumbnail
  • First Vision XIV thumbnail
  • They That Be With Us thumbnail


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