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I primarily make minimalist, symbolic, semi-abstract religious art, working digitally with a variety of tools.

Religious art

Recent work

  • A large white circle-and-triangle figure in the center with smaller circles behind.
  • A white circle above a red circle, with two horizontal lines flanking on the sides.
  • A blue rectangle at center with a solid white circle in it. At left, hollow white circles. At right, solid white circles. Behind the blue rectangle is a thin white vertical bar going from top to bottom.
  • A red circle at left, a white circle at right, and arrows pointing from the red to the white.
  • The first part of the melody to "Come, Follow Me" as big squares.

Featured work

  • Sixteen horizontal white lines, gradually going from distressed on the left to straight on the right.
  • Red circle and triangle in the figure of a child, with two larger red circle and triangle figures standing behind it, with two even larger white circle and triangle figures standing behind them.
  • A small red circle and triangle figure walking up a hill with a much larger white circle and triangle figure next to it, both carrying the same large black rectangle.
  • Two intertwined medium-size white circles at center surrounded by hundreds of small white circles.
  • A small red circle surrounded by many white circles on the left, facing a separated group of a handful of small red circles on the right.

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Pattern art

Recent work

  • Hollow blackish red squares.
  • Black curved lines with hollow orange circles along them.
  • A pattern of hollow circles and triangles.
  • Circles in a grid with red and gray lines connecting them in a variety of ways.
  • Overlapping red and blue rectangles in horizontal bands.

Other art

Recent work

  • A city floating in the air, made out of 3D blocks.
  • An orange Penrose triangle.
  • A blue Penrose triangle.
  • A pink Penrose triangle.
  • A map of Africa with several extra islands added around it.

Featured work

  • A large blue sky with white clouds and large grey whalelike creatures flying down, with a green field underneath and a small figure standing in the field, and a barn in the distance.
  • A large green square with its mouth open ready to eat a small flying purple bug.
  • A black and white illustration of a round table with five characters around it. Clockwise, there is a bearded man in a black outfit staring at a rectangle on the table; a young woman with small antennae wearing a t-shirt and looking at her phone; a chair with hands and a bearded face wearing glasses; a strange looking large animal; a bald, mustached man in a starred shirt and shorts looking at a laptop; a man asleep on the floor; and a black snowman holding a pamphlet.
  • A colorful comet crashing into a planet with a visible atmosphere.
  • A somewhat abstracted adult lying on the ground with its legs in the air, on which a smaller somewhat abstracted child rests.