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  • That Ye May Stand Spotless thumbnail
  • Follow Thou Me thumbnail
  • Pray Always II thumbnail
  • Into the Mount Oft thumbnail
  • Come unto Christ II thumbnail
  • Upon the Rock thumbnail
  • That They May Be Light III thumbnail
  • When Ye Are in the Service thumbnail
  • With Healing in His Wings thumbnail
  • I Will Show unto Them thumbnail
  • That They Might Have Joy thumbnail
  • And Putteth Off the Natural Man thumbnail
  • Free to Choose thumbnail
  • Pray Always thumbnail
  • All Are Alike unto God thumbnail
  • I Will Go and Do thumbnail
  • Give Me Strength thumbnail
  • He Remembereth Us Also thumbnail
  • The Power of the Lord Came upon Him thumbnail
  • By the Gift and Power of God thumbnail


  • Born Is the King of Israel! thumbnail
  • Not of Me thumbnail
  • Prepare Your Minds for the Morrow thumbnail
  • She Knew That It Was the Power of God thumbnail
  • How Oft Will I Gather You thumbnail
  • I Give unto You Power II thumbnail
  • The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob thumbnail
  • In the Waters of Mormon thumbnail
  • Into the Wilderness thumbnail
  • He Saw and Heard Much thumbnail
  • Only One thumbnail
  • They Who Were Converted thumbnail
  • As Many as Believed thumbnail
  • That They May Be Light II thumbnail
  • For the Lord God Giveth Light thumbnail
  • Mourn With Those That Mourn thumbnail
  • Where They Shall Rest from All Their Troubles thumbnail
  • If Ye Give Place thumbnail
  • O That We Had Repented thumbnail
  • Taught by Their Mothers thumbnail
  • Harrowed up No More thumbnail
  • God Sent His Holy Angel thumbnail
  • Behold My Beloved Son thumbnail
  • The Time Is at Hand thumbnail
  • Behold Your Little Ones thumbnail
  • I Give unto You Power thumbnail
  • No Tongue Can Speak thumbnail


  • Taken Home thumbnail
  • A New Star thumbnail
  • Tree of Life III thumbnail
  • Faith, Hope, Charity II thumbnail
  • Christ Visits the Nephites IV thumbnail
  • In Remembrance IV thumbnail
  • In Remembrance III thumbnail
  • In Remembrance II thumbnail


  • Taken Home to That God Who Gave Them Life thumbnail
  • One in Mine Hand thumbnail
  • From Everlasting Death thumbnail
  • The Word of God thumbnail
  • The Love of God II thumbnail
  • A Broken Heart and a Contrite Spirit thumbnail
  • Keystone thumbnail
  • It Shall Be Opened unto You thumbnail
  • Always Have His Spirit to Be With Them thumbnail
  • Yesterday, Today, and Forever thumbnail


  • Come unto Christ thumbnail
  • Ministering of Angels thumbnail
  • Faith, Hope, Charity thumbnail
  • Line upon Line thumbnail
  • Christ Visits the Nephites III thumbnail
  • They Could Not Hit Him thumbnail
  • The Night Shall Not Be Darkened thumbnail
  • Out of the Dust thumbnail
  • Tree of Life II thumbnail
  • Pressing Forward thumbnail
  • My Soul Delighteth II thumbnail
  • My Soul Delighteth thumbnail
  • Slain for the Sins of the World thumbnail
  • In the Arms of His Love II thumbnail
  • Weapons of War thumbnail


  • Sixteen Small Stones thumbnail
  • In Remembrance thumbnail
  • In the Arms of His Love thumbnail
  • That We May Have Light thumbnail


  • Christ Visits the Nephites II thumbnail


  • That They May Be Light thumbnail
  • The Love of God thumbnail


  • Tree of Life thumbnail


  • Christ Visits the Nephites thumbnail


  • That Men Might Be thumbnail