Ben Crowder

Welcome to my website. The about page has a little more about me as a person, and if you’re interested in a high-level overview of what I’m currently working on, the now page has you covered.

What else you’ll find on this site: a blog, which at this point is mostly project updates and occasional thoughts and proto-essays. The reading page has a list of books I’ve read. It’s probably my favorite page on the site (I really, really, really like books). The writing page has some of my sf&f fiction and poetry, and the art page has (I know this will be utterly surprising) art, primarily in the religious/minimalist vein. And then there’s the projects page. Mostly typesetting and coding. A lot of other random stuff as well. I like making things.

For updates, there are RSS and JSON feeds for the blog, and a newsletter, Manmade, for people who enjoy email (I do).

Recommended entry points: