Ben Crowder

Note Paper

Lined and graph paper, in a variety of rules.


Set at 8.5×11″ with 3/4″ inch margins, ranging from 30 lines per page up to 130 lines per page (for people who like to write small).

It also comes in a light gray, which I personally find much nicer to write on:

What it looks like (100 lines per page, regular):



Set at 8.5×11″ with 1/2″ inch margins, ranging from 10×10 up to 140×140 in ten-box increments, as well as 11×11 up to 141×141 in ten-box increments, for when you need a center row/column. The space at the bottom of the page is left blank for notes.

It too comes in light gray:

What it looks like (80×80, light gray):