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Scripture prints

Another new project. I wanted to do something with the words of the scriptures and came up with this style, where it’s intended to be more decorative/evocative (so legibility isn’t at the top of the priority list). It’s also a fun way to play with textures in ways that I don’t always get to with my other art.

1 Nephi 3

Art with several verses from 1 Nephi 3 laid out in it

Luke 2

Art with several verses from Luke 2 laid out in it

Mosiah 2

Art with several verses from Mosiah 2 laid out in it

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Come, Follow Me reader’s edition

Just released the Come, Follow Me reader’s edition. It’s an experimental supplemental edition of the Book of Mormon:


As for what it actually is: it’s a set of web pages with the text of the Book of Mormon grouped into the Come, Follow Me sections, and it’s reparagraphed sans verse numbers like my normal reader’s edition.

I have no idea whether it’s actually useful or not, but it was quick enough to make that I figured I may as well just do it. Let me know what you think.

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Portuguese Book of Mormon reader’s edition

Just released a Portuguese reader’s edition of the Book of Mormon, in EPUB, Kindle, and PDF.

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Spanish Book of Mormon reader’s edition

Today I’m releasing a Spanish version of the Book of Mormon reader’s edition, freely available in EPUB, Kindle, and PDF:


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Latin New Testament study edition

To go along with the Greek New Testament study edition, I’ve just posted a wide margin study edition of the Latin New Testament (the 1914 Clementine Vulgate). It’s available for free download as a PDF.


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Greek New Testament reader’s edition

Just posted a verseless, paragraphed reader’s edition of the Greek New Testament, available for free download as an EPUB. It uses the paragraphing from the Nestle 1904 source edition.

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Greek New Testament study edition

Just posted a wide margin study edition of the Greek New Testament (the Nestle 1904 Novum Testamentum Graece text). It’s available for free download as a PDF.


And now I can (finally) take “publish a Greek New Testament” off my bucket list.

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Scripture Journals

I’ve released a set of scripture journals — one lined page for each chapter (of the Book of Mormon, D&C, Pearl of Great Price, Old Testament, and New Testament), available in PDF in both college-ish rule and wide-ish rule.

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Old Testament study edition

The study edition of the Old Testament is finally up. Print edition is three volumes (because of binding limitations), and there’s no print edition of the large print version, since it would have run to five volumes.

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As we were starting to review next week’s Come, Follow Me lesson tonight, my wife noticed that her copy of my New Testament study edition was missing the first four verses of Luke 1. Turns out the first three verses of Revelation 1 were missing as well.

Some digging around uncovered that the way I was extracting the verses (from the HTML the Church had sent me) was missing those particular verses because they were wrapped in an extra div. I hadn’t noticed it and wasn’t accounting for it. I should have caught it when I proofed the book before release, honestly, but I hadn’t considered missing verses as a possible error. (Hubris.)

Lulu generally doesn’t take returns, unfortunately, and they also don’t give me any contact information for customers, so what I’ve resorted to is updating the NT study edition page with an explanatory note and download links for the fixed pages. People with affected copies can print them out and insert them into their copy. It’s not ideal, but that’s how publishers often handle this kind of situation, and beyond that I’m not sure what else I can do. (Other than feel awful about the whole thing, of course.)

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