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Book of Mormon study edition 2.0

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I’m pleased to announce version 2.0 of my Book of Mormon study edition.


This version now uses the licensed text of the scriptures from the Church, which means I’m finally able to make editions in other languages. To start out, we’ve got French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and of course Spanish.


To make it easier to create versions of the study edition in other languages, I started over from scratch, using a set of Python scripts to pull the text from the files the Church sent me, then generate a LaTeX document that gets turned into the PDF. It’s a really nice workflow.


Over the next month or so I’ll be revising several of my other scriptures projects (reader’s edition, Words of the Prophets, etc.) to use the licensed text, with a similar Python-based workflow to make updates easier.

Also, if you’re interested in a study edition in a new language, let me know.

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Grimms’ Tales (1812/1815)

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For a few years now I’ve wanted to publish the first German edition of the Grimms’ fairy tales, and today that wish comes true. The Kinder- und Hausmärchen was originally published in two parts, one in 1812 and one in 1815. Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm published several more editions of the tales during their lifetimes, adding new stories (lots) and removing others (not quite as many).

Anyway, you can read the tales in EPUB or Kindle.

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