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Came across this good post on Mormon Women about the recent statement on the name of the Church:

As I pondered more, I thought about how in some religious traditions, a saint is someone who has received extra-human status, perhaps even someone who is worshipped. In the Restored (latter-day) Church of Jesus Christ, Saints are messy mortals, all in need of Christ’s saving grace, trying to follow Him the best we can, and committing ourselves to Him through ordinances and covenants of baptism, confirmation, and so on. So to me, even calling ourselves Latter-day Saints can testify of our focus on Christ!

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Nice recap video on the 2018 Mormon Arts Center Festival in New York back in June. (Also, Lita and Kevin Giddins are in my ward.)

I don’t think I mentioned this on the blog before, but at 0:51 in the video you can see the Handed Down and Altered series of “golden plates.” I contributed two paintings — New and Everlasting and Not Very Far Away — to book one (plates six and seven). It was a fun project and my first public painting using acrylic:

Handed Down and Altered submissions

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Per President Nelson’s announcement and the new style guide, I’ve renamed the Mormon materials page to Religious materials.

Mormon Artist will stay as it is for now, but if/when we resurrect it, we’ll consider changing the name. (I’ll admit that the lack of a short, simple adjective to replace “Mormon” is kind of hard, with “LDS” out of the running as well, but we’ll cross that bridge later. Hopefully the forthcoming instructions will have some good solutions.)

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