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New painting: By the Laying on of Hands.

(I think I’ll just link to the paintings from now on, rather than including the image in the blog post itself — it’s somewhat redundant.)

I painted this one in Procreate Pocket (as I did with For Time and All Eternity), pulling it into Photoshop for upscaling and texturing afterwards, and I think I really like this new workflow. It’s more portable, for one. The smoothness of the UI in Procreate is also a huge win. The downside is I’m working on a relatively small screen, but it’s honestly not that bad.

Just came across the Procreate Pocket update that recently dropped. It’s good! Very happy to see custom canvas sizes (I was able to get 6000x4000 on my iPhone 8 — only one layer, but painting wasn’t slowed down much at all), and creating custom brush sets on the phone is also nice. I think it’s finally to a point where I can use it for production work.