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Links #42

Katherine Rundell on giraffes. Unexpectedly fascinating.

Sokyokuban, a Sokoban game set on a hyperbolic plane. Mind-bending in a great way.

Shawn Wang on preemptive pluralization when developing software. This seems like a wise practice. (Not following it has bitten me more than once.)

Michael Mulet on how he made a video game in a font. Fascinating and horrifying.

Alan Jacobs on blog gardens. I’m particularly intrigued by the idea of writing about the same topic in depth over longer periods of time as a way of organically writing what effectively amounts to a book.

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Links #3

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Shadershop is very cool. It’s Photoshop for shaders, letting you visually manipulate and compose functions in a way that’s easy and accessible.


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Graph function components

Toby Schachman just blogged about his brilliant new live graph editor that breaks down a function to show you each component visually:


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