Software (web apps, scripts, etc.).

Publishing, Reading, and Typography

  • epubdiff

    Python script for diffing EPUBs.

  • Scrub

    Python script for bleeping out profanity in EPUBs.

  • Speed

    Desktop writing tool.

  • Typlate Typlate

    Web app to create PDF templates for sketching typefaces.

  • md2epub

    Python script for making EPUBs out of Markdown files.

  • Unicode Inspector

    Simple web app showing Unicode code points for a string of text.

  • Crosswrite Crosswrite

    HTML5 audio transcription web app.

  • Alphabet Alphabet

    Simple web app for reviewing the alphabet (for young children).

  • Erasure Erasure

    Web-based app for memorizing paragraphs of text, erasing words as you go.


  • asteroids Asteroids

    Simple Asteroids clone written in JavaScript.

  • Spin Spin

    Game written in JavaScript using THREE.js (WebGL) and Box2D.

  • Botswana Botswana

    Web-based game engine for bot wars programmable via JavaScript.


  • Gent

    Web-based genealogy todo list app.

  • Family Analysis Family Analysis

    Simple JavaScript-based proof of concept for analyzing family relationships.

  • Emperor Emperor

    A script for embedding pedigree charts in web pages.

  • Pedigree Pedigree

    Google App Engine-hosted Python web app for sharing pedigree charts.

Productivity and Utilities

  • Fledge

    Language/shell for processing files.

  • Scripts

    Miscellaneous small scripts.

  • Router

    Very small PHP library for routing URLs.