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Egyptian Uniliterals

About the chart/worksheets

A chart with the Egyptian uniliterals (the closest thing to an Egyptian alphabet), along with some worksheets to help learn them.


The graded worksheet gradually introduces new characters over the course of the worksheet, hopefully making it easier for you to learn the characters and their transliterations. The PDF includes five variations of the graded worksheet (each page is self-contained). I recommend printing one out and working through it.

The random worksheet is intended more for review after you’ve already learned the uniliterals (via the graded worksheet or some other method).

Finally, the reverse random worksheet lists the transliterations instead of the characters, with space to draw the uniliterals themselves.

Both the graded and random worksheets are in boustrophedonic format, alternating directions each line to help practice reading the hieroglyphs both ways.

Chart Preview

Egyptian Uniliterals Chart

Graded Worksheet Preview

Egyptian Uniliterals Graded Worksheet

Random Worksheet Preview

Egyptian Uniliterals Random Worksheet

Reverse Random Worksheet Preview

Egyptian Uniliterals Reverse Random Worksheet

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