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Outline map of Britain and Ireland

So I got this idea of making an outline map of Britain and Ireland and then compiling a list of fifty populous/famous towns and cities, to see how well I can locate them on the map. Being an Anglophile, I thought I’d do pretty well. Ha. It was sad. (But I did get London.)

Anyway, should you care to test your knowledge, you can now download PDFs of both the map and my semi-arbitrary list of towns and cities. Enjoy.

Notes on how I made these

For the map, I used TileMill to style and generate the map lines. I exported the map to SVG, converted it to Illustrator, and then imported it into InDesign and added the label.

For the list of towns and cities, I took a list of the most populous cities and added in some literary places as well. Basically, it’s a very-not-comprehensive list of places in Britain and Ireland that I’ve heard of.

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Utah County roads

Made in TileMill (which I read about on the Routelines about page — thanks to Tod Robbins for telling me about it).

I took the Census Bureau’s shapefiles for Utah County, imported them into TileMill, styled the lines a little, and exported to SVG. Then I imported it into Illustrator, applied a thin pencil brush (it’s not very noticeable, honestly), exported to PNG, pulled it into Photoshop, and added some color and texture. Voila: the roads of Utah County.

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