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New artwork: Before the World Was II.

It’s (in my opinion) a much better execution of Before the World Was, which used a quick DrawBot script that didn’t pay much attention to placement.

This time, working off the Generative Artistry circle packing tutorial, I wrote a Python script that places all the circles so there’s no overlap, then outputs an SVG with the turbulence/displacement filters I wrote about not too long ago.

For comparison (original on the left):


I also went with a slightly less saturated background in this new version, and I put a little bit of texture on the circles themselves to make it feel slightly more painterly.

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Last night Richard L. Bushman gave a Center for Latter-day Saint Arts Zoom keynote:

In commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the Restoration of the Gospel, foremost scholar and historian of the Prophet Joseph Smith, Richard Bushman shares the art of the First Vision. He addresses this seminal event in the Latter-day Saint faith tradition as it has been visually represented from artists all over the globe. Bushman also answers questions about why the arts are significant to revelatory development.

With my permission (though with the artwork’s Creative Commons license it wasn’t actually necessary), he included my Let Him Ask of God piece at the end of his talk. That part starts around 29:54. (I haven’t watched the whole thing yet — it just got uploaded an hour or so ago — but I’m very much looking forward to it.)


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