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Last night I finished writing a ray tracer for class. Super basic, no antialiasing, only a couple primitives, but still fun.


It was also my first real project in Rust. Overall, great experience. The borrow checker was mystifying at first (and admittedly still is to some degree), but it wasn’t as bad as I’d expected. And the language itself is lovely to code in. Great ergonomics, even if the syntax is occasionally intimidating. I’m excited to do more with it. (I’ve been thinking about possibly rewriting md2epub in either Rust or Go at some point.)

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As of a few weeks ago, I’m now planning to apply for the master’s program in computer science at BYU, with a thesis focus in computer graphics (at this point I’m thinking maybe photorealistic rendering). If I do get admitted, I’ll start in January 2018 (I have some background courses to take first because my undergraduate degree wasn’t in computer science) and plan to finish by April 2021.

Anyway, I mention it mainly because things will probably slow down a bit on here for the next four years. I’ll try to keep blogging, but non-CG side projects will mostly be on the back burner till after I’m done.

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