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An interesting Hacker News thread about how to prepare for blindness as a software engineer.

Ryan Holiday on swarming to learn things. I like this idea but haven’t managed to do it yet. My interest keeps flitting around.

Bryan Braun on Scratch. Cool.

Steven Johnson on walking as a way to think. Agreed.

Jordan Eldredge on bugs caught by the newish no-constant-binary-expression rule in eslint.

Jeremy Keith’s In and Out of Style talk from CSS Day. Liked this a lot.

Josh Dzieza on writing fiction with AI. Interesting to see how some people have used it. For me, writing the words myself is most of the fun.

Chromium issue 1130512, a bug that vexes my chartmaking. It’s not the end of the world, but I do look forward to when it’s fixed and I can get 0.25pt lines out of Chrome.

Wikipedia page on the etymology of London. Quite liked this.

Alex Chan on taking more screenshots. Something I need to do more often.

Google’s new Carbon language. I basically never write C++ anymore so I would never actually use this, but it’s interesting.

Robin Rendle’s essay in praise of shadows. Love the implementation here.

Robin Sloan on Miyazaki and plots animated by kindness.

Shepherd, a new thing for discovering books.

Axle that allows for 80-degree steering. The video was cool.

Daniel Kao on ArchieML. I’ve switched over to ArchieML for my genealogy charts and generally it’s been good.

Vaskange’s near-infinite zoom. It just keeps going!

The Cube Rule of food identification. Loved this.

David Stern on text rendering.

Olushuyi Olutimilehin on article vs. section in HTML.

British Summer Time, something I’d never heard of until now. I guess I’d just assumed that Daylight Saving Time was only an American thing and the rest of the world didn’t change times (sort of like imperial vs. metric).

Meta adds Rust to allowed server-side languages. I’m beginning to suspect I might like the idea of Rust more than Rust itself, but I also haven’t really written any Rust in almost two years. Need to change that.

Topi Tjukanov’s map of notable people. I’m in love with the way the labels fade in from behind the sphere.

My friend Matt Haggard on a cool wordprint visualization technique.

Vim undo trick. I’ve been using Vim for twenty-six years and never knew about this.

Vim ranges. This past week one of my goals has been to train myself to use Vim’s Ex commands for moving ranges (e.g., :15,20m41). This is something I do often enough (and clumsily enough right now, with row-wise visual select — a lot of js in a row — followed by yank and paste) that I want to learn how to do it super fast. This way is less likely to cause RSI as well.

Forrest Allison on Bun.

Giant leafcutter ant nest in Brazil. Whew, that thing is huge.

Cozy fantasy subreddit discussion on what cozy fantasy is. In my experience it’s a refreshing change of pace.

Thomas Bevan on kicking the news consumption habit. Once in a while I check the news but by and large I don’t (ditto social media) and it does feel better.

Scott Jenson on files. Also his followup. I like files.

Reddit thread on writing advice. Some helpful things.

Aaron Gustafson on equality vs. equity in the context of building software. Great points.

Jennifer Chu on MIT’s new ultrasound stickers. Looking forward to see what this enables.

Elisia Guerena on Angélique Schmeinck’s hot-air balloon restaurant. Great idea. I’m terrified of heights enough that I don’t think I’d ever want to eat at a place like this, though.

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