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NaShoStoMo update (day seven)

I ended up finishing that third story last night and writing another, and then I wrote another two tonight. This is awesome — I went from writing no fiction at all for months and months to writing around thirty pages so far in the first week of April.

I’m not going to post the stories online, because they’re embarrassing, but here’s what I’ve got so far:

  • “Wallwalker” — about a high school kid who can walk through walls (fantasy/science fiction)
  • “The Baby and the Box” — about a newborn who can see the creature on the ceiling (fantasy)
  • “Gravedigger” — about a golem and a little girl (fantasy)
  • “Back in a Bit” — about a husband who takes out the trash and doesn’t return for ten years (science fiction)
  • “Clerk’s Office” — about an elders quorum presidency who finds a door that leads under the church (horror)
  • “Fire to Fire” — about a boy who can start fires with his hands (fantasy)

I do plan to write a realistic story at some point, honest. But the other twenty-nine this month will almost certainly be fantasy or science fiction, because apparently that’s what I do. (And I’m very okay with that.)

A side effect of all this story writing that I didn’t foresee (I must be blind, because it’s kind of obvious in retrospect) is more confidence in my writing, enough that I’m now raring to go back and write Tanglewood, that young adult fantasy novel I started two years ago but lamely gave up on. (It changed a lot after that draft, by the way.) Some of my stories this month will come from that world, I think.