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Links #88

Xavi Ruiz showing where people in Europe live in apartments vs. houses.

Sarah C. P. Williams on a new inverse vaccine that could treat multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and other autoimmune diseases. Oh, I hope this works out.

Benj Edwards on AI-generated spiral village. Cool. And trippy.

Abbey Interrante on a coronal mass ejection recorded by the Parker Solar Probe. The video is fascinating.

The Tree Projects, photographing super tall trees.

Max Read’s literary history of fake texts in Apple’s marketing materials. Ha.

TypeScript Origins: The Documentary. I still haven’t watched any of these, though I’ve been meaning to. (Video isn’t really my thing.)

University of Liverpool archaeologists have discovered a manmade wooden structure dating from 476,000 years ago. “Expert analysis of stone tool cut-marks on the wood show that these early humans shaped and joined two large logs to make a structure, probably the foundation of a platform or part of a dwelling.”

Carson Gross on view source. Yep.

The Linotype Book Project, “documenting the journey of Doug Wilson while he researches, writes, and documents the history of the Linotype and its outsized impact on printing, journalism, and society.” Looks interesting.

The State of HTML survey is now open. By the same people who do the State of JS and State of CSS surveys.

Imba, a full-stack web programming language. I don’t think I’d use it, but it’s an interesting idea.

Thomas Kole’s renderings of Tenochtitlan, a 3D reconstruction of the city as it might have looked in 1500. Cool.

Mike Crittenden on farming your gut, so to speak. From a quote in the post: “Consider your gut microbiome as a farm and your microbiota as your own personal farm animals, then decide what to feed them to optimize their diversity, stability, and health, and optimize production of beneficial signaling molecules that affect our brains.”

Jason Kottke on Nikola Faller’s artistic leaf raking. Cool.

Josh Collinsworth on Tailwind. I wouldn’t mind never having to work with Tailwind again, honestly. I like real CSS.

Ed Nawotka on’s plans to expand into ebooks. Ooh. This is very intriguing.