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Booknotes 2.3


  • All the President’s Men, by Carl Bernstein & Bob Woodward (1974), about Watergate. I totally ate this up. Journalism histories like this are my favorite. A couple years ago I read and really liked Yours in Truth (about Ben Bradlee), and at some point I’m planning to read Katharine Graham’s Personal History. (And of course I’m interested in more than just the Washington Post.) Always open to recommendations!
  • Size-specific Adjustments to Type Design, by Tim Ahrens & Shoko Mugikura (2014). Some great type specimens in the latter half of the book.


  • Moon Over Soho, by Ben Aaronovitch (2011). Second in the Rivers of London series. Some earthy bits, and it definitely felt more like a police procedural than Alex Verus and the Dresden Files. Liked it enough that I plan to keep reading the series.
  • The Goblin Emperor, by Katherine Addison (2014). “This is a boring book,” I wrote back in 2016 when I bounced off it after one or two chapters. This time round, though, I loved it! A lot! I wish there were dozens and dozens of books in the series. (And yes, I’m looking forward to The Witness for the Dead and The Grief of Stones.) It often reminded me of The Hands of the Emperor in lovely ways. So glad I came back to it.