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NaShoStoMo final update

I ended up only writing twenty stories instead of thirty, but I’m okay with that — it’s twenty stories more than I would have written otherwise.

  • #15: “Blueprints” — (science fiction)
  • #16: “Watchtower” — (thriller)
  • #17: “Alastair’s Songbox” — (fantasy)
  • #18: “Doors” — (fantasy)
  • #19: “The Rose Garden” — (contemporary)
  • #20: “The Goose and the Golden Egg” — (fable-ish)

Having written these stories, I feel like I’ve gotten a better grasp on how to put a story together, how to write a short story (as opposed to a novel), and how my fiction-writing process works. (If I spent an hour a morning writing, I could have written 50–60 stories instead of just twenty.)