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Will I Leave a Legacy?


I wrote the following back in 2005: In February I came home from school one day and read an article about Janice Kapp Perry online. It said that she’s written over 900 songs. That blew me away, and then the muse came and a melody came into my head. I wrote it down immediately. But what were the lyrics to be about? Within a few minutes I remembered a question one of my friends asked me in an e-mail: “What legacy are you going to leave behind?” It had struck me then and now it demanded to be woven into a song. The first verse came slowly, but then the second verse came in an instant. It took almost a month and a half for the third verse. As for the accompaniment, I gave the melody and chord progression to my friend Chace McNeil, who then wrote the piano part.

Typeset in MuseScore 4.2 using Finale Maestro for the note font and Freight Text for the text font. MP3 exported from MuseScore.




1. When I’ve gone and left this earth,

what stories will be told of me?

Who was I? What did I do?

Who was I to my family?

Chorus. In their memory,

Who will I be?

Will I leave a legacy?

2. Will my children know my heart?

The feelings that have guided me?

Will they follow in my steps

to climb up to eternity?

3. Love will be the guiding light

I leave for those who follow me,

Turning hearts to see the way,

a path to God through charity.