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Elias: An Epic of the Ages

Orson F. Whitney


The line numbers in the original edition are kind of wacky — when a line was too long and it caused a hanging indent, they counted the overhang as a new line, numbering-wise. Also, after they got to line 4000 or so, they forgot how to count — it goes from 4099 to 5000, from 5099 to 6000, and from 6099 to 7000, with no discernable reason for skipping 900 line numbers at a time. (Maybe they accidentally put on their seven-league boots.) I dearly wanted to renumber the lines sanely, but for the sake of compatibility with existing editions and cross-referencing, I’ve left them in their somewhat demented state.

Also, it’s nigh impossible to get line numbers to look good on the Kindle (since you can’t use the float: right property), so I’ve removed them entirely from the Kindle edition.

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