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Daily Blender 10

“Heart of a Dying Ship.” Ever since Cycles came out I’ve hardly used the Blender internal renderer, but since Cycles doesn’t yet have volumetrics, here we are. For the background I subdivided a cube several times and gave it a red halo material (making all those red dots). Then I created a honeycomb matrix, extruded it, and gave it a volumetric material with some colored lights scattered around inside. The torus knot also has a volumetric material, and the white energy core in the center is just a sphere with a white emitting light. Finally, in post I dialed up the chromatic aberration and lens distortion, which ended up creating the rainbow effect around the edges.

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Daily Blender 08

“Dancing Table at the Top of the World.” Just some playing around with the cloth sim. It was somewhat frustrating since Blender kept crashing, and the checkerboard texture had some weird bug that kept messing up the texture unless I unplugged the node and then plugged it back in again. So I didn’t polish it as much as I would have liked — I was lucky to get this render without it crashing. (That said, this is the only time I’ve had Blender act so unstable on me. In general it works great.)

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