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Links #114

Chris Burnell on an /interests page. Cool idea. I’ve added one. (I have a small list of my interests listed on my about page, but I like having more space to talk about things — even though it carries an increased risk of becoming exceedingly boring.)

Tracy Durnell on how developing taste requires intentional attention. I especially like the push/pull idea. And other people’s recommendations are how I find pretty much all the books I read these days.

Modal, a programming language based on string rewriting via substitution rules. A little mind-bending.

Anna Andersen on how some people ended up accidentally running for president of Iceland. UX matters!

Alin Panaitiu’s woodworking projects. Every once in a while I think about ditching tech and becoming a carpenter instead. The fact that I haven’t built anything with wood since I was seven has not stopped me from thinking this.

Jan Nicklas’s text-box-trim examples. Ooh. I like this. I hope browser support comes around.

Michelle Barker on using color-mix to generate shades of grey. Cool. I need to spend some time playing around with newer CSS features.