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Links #113

Molly White on the good old days of the web. Life outside the walled gardens is nice and relaxing.

Terence Eden on what a blog post is. Yep. Makes me wonder what other forms of posts are out there in the possibility space.

Ash Huang on how she drafts a book. Something like this might be a good fit for me.

Rachel Kwon on technology. “Sometimes it feels like being able to take photos so easily means we also end up creating a lot of lower value photos that don’t take up much physical space but do take up mental energy to delete, deduplicate, etc.” Managing family photos: something I feel is super important but I am also not very good at it. (Currently using a folder for each month, and I rarely dedupe or delete photos. I back up [not regularly enough] both to local external hard drives and to Backblaze B2.)

Stephen Band on typesetting responsive sheet music with CSS Grid. Interesting.

Maria Farrell and Robin Berjon on rewilding the Internet. Late to the party on this one, but it’s good and still very much worth reading.

Oliver Burkeman on generative AI and human connection. This is good. I agree.