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Links #80

Leah Spencer on reviving old typefaces for film and TV. Mmm.

The Church released a new version of the mobile Sacred Music app that basically has responsive sheet music, that idea I posted about years ago. (They call it “resize sheet music.”) I used the feature yesterday in sacrament meeting and it was so much easier to read the lyrics. Also see Sejiko’s responsive sheet music with CSS Grid.

Michal Krasnopolski’s minimalist movie posters. These are great.

Henrik Karlsson on publishing less frequently (because of spending more time on writing). “Each time I’ve given in to my impulse to ‘optimize’ a piece it has performed massively better (in terms of how much it’s been read, how many subscribers it’s generated, and, most importantly, the number of interesting people brought into my world).”

Dang, coconut crabs are freaky.