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Links #79

Google’s Typograms, a lightweight web-based image format for describing diagrams. “Unlike libraries like Mermaid, typograms are defined typographically (WYSWYG), rather than semantically (a transformation from a high level description to graphics), which picks a different trade-off: it gives you more control over the rendering (expressivity) at the cost of making you type more (productivity).” I’ve been thinking about using something in this vein (probably more Mermaid than typograms) to outline fiction.

Josh Collinsworth on React. “React has aged, and how I don’t think most people realize how much or how poorly.” I wouldn’t mind bidding adieu to React, though that doesn’t seem particularly likely for many more years given how entrenched it is in the industry.

David Pierce on the upcoming Slack redesign.

OFRAK Tetris, which “is like the Tetris you know and love, except the blocks are assembly instructions.” It uses Unicorn Engine (which branched off QEMU, I believe) to actually execute the instructions in an emulated CPU. I don’t think quickly enough (or know enough assembly) to play it very well, but I love the idea. The aesthetic is fun, too.

Slime Mold Time Mold on vacations and weight loss. “There are lots of stories where an American goes on vacation for a few weeks, to Europe or Asia or wherever, and loses a significant amount of weight without any special effort…. There are also some stories that are exactly the opposite: someone from Europe or Asia or wherever goes on vacation to America for a few weeks, and GAINS a significant amount of weight without any changes.” Fascinating anecdotal phenomenon.