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Links #78

Jess Zafarris on the etymology of outrage, which does not in fact come from either out or rage.

Rachel Zack on Felt’s new zoom-based styling and layer visibility. Ooh. Well done. It feels like this idea could also have application in other types of UI, though I haven’t thought about it enough to know what those might be.

Video of Naveen Kumar setting a new world record for smashing walnuts with one’s forehead. Is this a worthwhile use of a forehead? Humanity is weird sometimes.

Samuel Axon on the passing of Bram Moolenaar, the creator of Vim, at age 62. Sad.

Wikipedia’s 2023 in science so far. A fun page to peruse from time to time. For example, I didn’t know that last month they found naturally occurring graphene for the first time. The “predicted and scheduled events” section is also fun — I didn’t know Rocket Lab was sending a probe to Venus!