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Links #65

Saharan’s zoomable meta Game of Life. Cool. And trippy.

Jen Simmons on CSS nesting, now available in Safari Technology Preview. Come on, Firefox.

Mike Crittenden with a simple cron for cleaning up your downloads folder. I keep meaning to set something like this up.

Tom MacWright on adding circles to Placemark, and why geospatial circles aren’t as simple as they sound.

Jason Kottke on a new image of the Milky Way with 3.32 billion individual objects. Whew!

Hannah Docter-Loeb about some weird polar vortex off the north pole of the sun.

React.js: The Documentary. I haven’t watched it yet because I’m awful at making time for long videos.

Robin Wieruch on ten web development trends this year.

WHO says no level of alcohol consumption is safe for one’s health.

Turborepo and Turbopack, by Vercel. Supposedly Turbopack is way faster than Vite. Interesting.

Zach Leatherman has been collecting criticisms of React.

Laurie Voss’s rebuttal of Alex Russell’s Market for Lemons post. I can see his point — network effects are real — but I still think we can do better for end users.

Thomas F. Arciuolo and Miad Faezipour with an idea on tapping the Yellowstone supervolcano for energy. And to keep it from erupting. Color me intrigued.

Harry Spitzer on Ryan Dahl and Deno. Enjoyed reading this. I need to play around with Deno some more. And Bun.

Chris Coyier on CSS for spacing between elements. I didn’t know about margin-trim, but it seems like a great future alternative to gap in non-flex/non-grid settings.