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Links #58

Robin Sloan on new avenues for the web now that the platforms of the last decade (like Twitter) are crumbling. Yes, yes, yes. This is so exciting. Very much looking forward to seeing the innovations that come out of this period.

Robert Epstein on our brains not actually being like computers. Food for thought. As an additional observation, and I’ve mentioned this before, I’ve found a lot of value lately in considering humans’ bad behavior as a function of buggy internal state that can be changed.

Daniel Huffman on redesigning a route map for an airline. Loved this.

Die with Me, a chat app you can only use when you have less than 5% battery life left. Ha. (I get antsy when mine goes below 60%.)

Brian O’Donovan on Ireland’s An Post adding support for handwritten digital stamps. Cool idea. Makes me wonder what else could be done in this vein.

Tom Scott on the benefits of the design of British plugs. Good points.

Zoni Nation with plots mapping perceptions of probability words — “probable” vs. “likely,” for example. Fascinating!

Max Brooker on writing being magic. Definitely agree. Writing is amazing.

Julia Evans’ debugging manifesto. This is great. Recommended.

Kamil Galeev on Russia’s imminent political crisis. I have no idea how likely this is, but it was compelling reading.