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Stephen Cranney on using scriptural phrases with DALL•E. I played around with Midjourney a bit and wish I’d thought to try this when I still had free credits.

Bjørn Karmann’s Occlusion Grotesque, a typeface carved into the trunk of a tree and digitized over time. Intriguing.

Markwhen, Markdown for timelines. Cool.

Mary Gaitskill on the hidden life of stories.

Matthew Butterick on the legal implications of Github Copilot.

Kit Wilson on reading ourselves to death and an overabundance of text.

3D maps of every London Underground station. Mmm.

A look at the Onyx Boox 25″ e-ink monitor. I’m really excited to see how e-ink develops over the next couple decades. (In writing this, I realized that I would love, love, love to have a thin, lightweight, small pocket-sized 400+ dpi e-ink reader. Something like an iPhone 13 Mini but just for reading.)

Patrick Clancey on rethinking mobile-first CSS. Some good points, though it’s not as much about ditching mobile-first as I thought it would be.

Una Kravetz on style queries, coming soon to CSS.

Mitch Benn on the pronunciation of /r/ in various English accents. Loved this.

Brenan Keller on testing. Ha.

Rich Harris on Prettier making tabs the default in 3.0. Tabs do seem more accessible and better than spaces, honestly.

Slack on remote development (not that kind).

NASA’s new Hubble e-book on exoplanets.

Epanorthosis, a thing I didn’t know about till the other day.