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Links #55

VectorFusion, text to SVG through diffusion.

Liza Daly’s A Letter Groove project, cutting words out of book page scans and showing the pages beneath. Cool.

John Keegan on visualizing rivers and floodplains with USGS data. A few months ago I played around a little with QGIS’s hillshade rendering for DEMs and with rendering DEMs in Blender and need to get back to all that. Also, Daniel Coe’s work (mentioned in the post) is lovely.

Clive Thompson on maximum viable product and stopping feature creep. Hear, hear.

Christopher Robbins interviews Robert Caro. I really need to start reading The Power Broker.

France brings out the horses Angelique Chrisafis on some French towns using horses for waste collection to try to combat climate change and slow down city life. Love that.

Rocks that look like food, part one of three. Fun.

ChatGPT came out. (I’m still about a month behind on these links, working through my list.)

Benj Edwards on Disney’s FRAN AI for re-aging actors. Decent results. I wonder how long it’ll be before fully synthetic actors are in use, and what that’ll mean for real actors.

Sony’s Mocopi motion capture system. Reminds me of the Hinge Health sensors.