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Some fun Anglo-Saxon words

Some words I came across in J. R. Clark Hall’s A Concise Anglo-Saxon Dictionary that struck me as amusing or interesting:

  • alb: white garment
  • brægnloca: brain-house, head
  • cossian: to kiss
  • deaðwang: plain of death
  • dreamcræft: art of music
  • dreamleas: joyless, sad
  • Eastermonað: April
  • faroðstræt: path of the sea
  • felasynnig: very guilty
  • hamfaru: attack of an enemy in his house, a housebreaking
  • handscyldig: condemned to lose a hand
  • insocn: brawl in a house
  • instæpe: entrance
  • lobbe: spider
  • manweorðung: adoration of human beings
  • nydniman: to take by force
  • orðanc: cleverness, skill
  • paddanieg: toad-meadow, frog-island
  • rihtæðelcwen: lawful wife
  • scremman: to cause to stumble
  • tintregðegn: torturer, executioner
  • utlendisc: strange, foreign
  • wælmist: mist of death