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Ordinance tracker WIP

A while ago I said I was going to post more in-progress stuff, but I haven’t really done that. So, here’s one of my current projects (click for the full image):

It’s a little app (currently just a mockup) that helps you track LDS temple ordinance work. With my own family history work, I’ve found that it’s a bit of a pain trying to remember which sealings I can do and which I’m waiting on the endowments for. I’d rather let the computer do that. So, the idea with this app is that it’s smart enough to keep track of the relationship between people (children and parents, spouses) and know which ordinances you can do and which you’re still waiting on. (I haven’t mocked this up yet, but in the Sealings column, there’ll be a ghosted area for sealings waiting on other ordinances.)

The other use case is that when you’re about to go to the temple, it makes it easy to see at a glance what cards are ready for whatever ordinance you’re planning on doing. “I’m doing initiatories, okay, here are the cards I need to take with me.” That kind of thing.

I’m also planning to include a stats page so you can see how many ordinances you’ve done each month (separated out by type) and get a list of all the people you’ve done the work for.

Progress-wise, I’ve got the design roughly where I want it (with polishing still left), so I’m just figuring out the backend logic and planning out the code.