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Weeknotes #20

  • Merry Christmas! I hope you’re all well and safe.
  • As mentioned, the initial version of the portfolio is up. I’ve decided to jettison the type design tool idea (too niche, and perhaps a bit too technical) and instead design a writing app ala Scrivener for my next case study.
  • With my art, I’ve moved from an every-other-day release schedule (a bit much) to releasing on Mondays and Thursdays. This past week I’ve had three people separately suggest that I make a book of my art, so I’m now mulling that over and trying to figure out whether running a Kickstarter is something I can do in the near future. (I’m also thinking, though, about making a coloring book from some of my existing pieces. It would be a free PDF download.)
  • Tonight I freshened up the design of my site and redid the home page. Eternal tinkering.
  • Nonfiction reading: I’m two-thirds of the way through Stalling for Time. Fascinating reading. The extra detail on the Ruby Ridge and Waco fiascos has been riveting though sad.
  • I haven’t been reading as much of Benjamin Franklin as I’d like lately, but I’m planning to ramp that up this next week.
  • Fiction reading: Finished The Humans. Thought-provoking.
  • I also read Ben Aaronovitch’s Midnight Riot (Rivers of London in the UK). A bit earthy in places but other than that I really liked it, and I wish I lived in London, and I kind of wish I was born in London too.
  • And now I’m a fifth of the way into Cormac McCarthy’s The Road. I’ve gone in knowing only that it’s depressing and post-apocalyptic and that it’s somewhat light on punctuation; I have no idea what happens beyond that. He’s a heck of a writer so far.