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A Python script for mixing looped white noise-ish sounds. Documentation is here but also in the README.



  1. Put atmosphere somewhere in your $PATH. You may also want to edit the CONFIG_PATH.
  2. Create a directory and put some sound files in it.
  3. Create a config file that looks something like this:
# Sound path

# Volumes (>1 = louder, <1 = quieter)
# Don't include extension
brook 0.3
crickets 0.9
fireplace 1.2
forest_rain 1.1
thunder1 1.3
thunder2 1.3
waves 0.05
wind 1.2

No extensions needed on the filenames. Sox can handle most common formats (.wav, .mp3, .flac, etc.).

The numbers after the filenames are gain levels. Set it to 1.0 to leave it as-is; greater than 1 to make it louder; and less than 1 to make it quieter.


Assuming it's in your path, just run it: atmosphere (and then ctrl+c to exit when you’re done).


Sample Sounds

These are from the relax README and have worked well for me: