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Another scripture poster, this time in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish:

Go with him twain (Matthew 5:41)

Go with him twain

How I made these:

  • Make a 4000×5000px background texture in Affinity Photo (lots of layers and blending modes) and save to go-with-him-twain-bg.png
  • Lay out the text in Figma (900×1125px frame, bold Asap font at 126px, 150px line height, 6% letter spacing, white text on black background).
  • Export the frame as an SVG, go-with-him-twain.svg
  • Add the following to the beginning of the SVG file (after the opening tag) and change the seed values:
<filter id="filter">
  <feTurbulence seed="4389" type="turbulence" baseFrequency="0.5" numOctaves="2" result="turbulence2"/>
  <feDisplacementMap in2="turbulence2" in="SourceGraphic" scale="2" xChannelSelector="R" yChannelSelector="G" result="disp"/>

  <feTurbulence seed="4378" type="turbulence" baseFrequency="0.05" numOctaves="2" result="turbulence" />
  <feDisplacementMap in2="turbulence" in="disp" scale="3" xChannelSelector="R" yChannelSelector="G" />

<style type="text/css">
  path { filter: url(#filter); }
  • Convert the SVG to a 4000×5000px PNG: /Applications/ go-with-him-twain.svg --export-type=png --export-width=4000
  • Erode/dilate: convert go-with-him-twain.png -morphology erode disk:12 -morphology dilate disk:15 go-with-him-twain-eroded.png
  • Composite: convert go-with-him-twain-bg.png \( go-with-him-twain-eroded.png -normalize +level 0,55% \) -compose screen -composite go-with-him-twain-composite.png (I usually do this in Affinity Photo but I wanted to try using Imagemagick)
  • Upscale to 8000×10000px with Real-ESRGAN: ./realesrgan-ncnn-vulkan -i go-with-him-twain-composite.png -o go-with-him-twain-full.png -s 2
  • Add noise (8% monochromatic) in Affinity Photo and export final PNG (I could do this in Imagemagick, need to port it over)

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Scripture posters

Another experimental new project: scripture posters. Definitely leaning more on the graphic design side of things here. The other day I happened to see This Is How We Do It (a children’s book by Matt Lamothe) lying around, and seeing the cover suddenly gave me an itch to make something similar but with words from the scriptures. I’m sure others have already made designs like this, but I haven’t (till now), so here you go.

Counsel with the Lord in all thy doings (Alma 37:37)

Counsel with the Lord in all thy doings

I will go and do (1 Nephi 3:7)

I will go and do

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