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Links #108

Henrik Karlsson on reading serious literature to his kids. “It is about figuring out a rich reading experience that both parties are excited about. Books that pull you in and open a space for deep conversation.” I think I want to try this.

Michael Flarup’s list of 40 things he’s learned being a creative entrepreneur. I like several of these — shrink the first step, make a lot of things, and practice daily completeable to-do lists, to name a few.

David Jonathan Ross on Indoor Kid, a variable font for lettering comics. Cool.

Christo Buschek and Jer Thorp on how AI training sets like LAION are constructed.

Hillel Wayne on syntax highlighting being a waste of an information channel. Super interesting idea. To his point at the end about highlighting conflicts, I think being able to easily rotate through highlighting modes might help. And to generalize that idea a little more, toggleable analysis overlays seem like they could be useful in several other contexts too, like writing fiction or making digital art.