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Links #107

Susanna Clarke has a new book coming out! It’s going to be released in October this year. Very much looking forward to it.

Jason Becker’s public letters project, with the first of four rounds of letters as an example from February 2023. Interesting idea. The introvert part of me isn’t so sure about posting correspondence publicly, but if someone wants to try this out, email me some possible topic ideas.

Susam’s Guess My RGB game. Fun.

C. J. Chilvers (not to be confused with C. J. Chivers) on why he went back to buying CDs. Food for thought. I’m intrigued by his statement that “physical media is making a comeback, including innovations in the hardware that plays physical media” — curious what those innovations are. (I should add that I don’t stream music very often. Most of the time I listen to music I bought years ago in iTunes Music on my laptop or phone.)

Andrew Kersley on how people hate the idea of car-free cities until they live in one. I’m all for reducing car usage. Out here in suburbia, though, it seems nigh impossible. Maybe someday.