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Links #51

David Wolpe on a Mondrian painting that’s been hanging upside down for 75 years. I feel like this is something that could easily happen to my art as well.

R. K. Duncan on SFF’s fatphobia. Something I hope to do better at.

Tyler Boswell’s September set of generative art. Love these.

Tyler Boswell on grouping styles in generative art. Good idea.

Aerographene, which seems too amazing to be real.

Oh My Git, a game for learning Git.

Matthias Ott on not having to like your work.

Simon Collison on building for the web. Hear, hear.

Manuel Matusovic on learning modern CSS. Keeping an eye on this.

Fontshare, free fonts from the Indian Type Foundry.

Kent Dodds on MPAs, SPAs, Remix, and more.

Felt, a web app for making maps.

Keith Peters on building a raytracer. Made me a bit nostalgic for the small raytracer I worked on for classes during my master’s.

Iain Anderson on Adobe and the Pantone licensing change. Sheesh, I really don’t like capitalism sometimes.

Cameron Owens on how surgeon drill bits work — specifically, how they avoid drilling into your brain after they get through the skull bone. Comforting!

Evan Prodromou on ending frequent flyer programs to help fix the climate. Or at least not destroy it as quickly.

Austin Kleon on 30-day challenges. This was good.

Dave Karpf on how Kevin Kelly’s one thousand true fans idea maybe isn’t so great. Agreed, things haven’t turned out the way we might have hoped.