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Weeknotes #13

  • For the sake of my sanity, I’ve lowered the job search from a boil to a simmer. I’m still open to opportunities that come my way, but in the meantime I’m focusing more on leveling up my skills. (In particular, I’ve realized that my side projects haven’t been exhibiting the kind of engineering I’m actually most interested in, so that needs to change.)
  • Unsuccessful so far at getting back into writing, and I suspect it’ll probably remain that way for a while, sadly.
  • I’ve started using Figma as a replacement for Illustrator in making some art. That’s not necessarily what it’s intended for, but so far it’s working fine for it. Good tool.
  • I’m finally learning React. (Correction: learning it again. I did a crash course in it a couple years ago at my day job and used it on a project for a few weeks.) I realized today, though, that if I’m ever going to get it in my bones, I need to start using it for all my personal coding projects. So that’s coming.
  • I’m preparing another presentation for my graphics class, this one on the SurfaceBrush paper (VR drawing). I’m also partway through implementing the Gray Scott reaction-diffusion algorithm in Rust for my procedural textures project.
  • Relieved that the election is going in Biden’s favor. Looking forward to it being over, whatever “over” means.
  • Utah no longer sends out postcard reminders for vehicle registration renewal. Which we found out when my wife happened to look at the license plate and realized we were two months past our renewal date. Whoops. (Took care of that post haste this morning.)
  • Nonfiction reading: I’ve been reading Obama: An Oral History. It’s good.
  • The medieval history reading is still going very slowly. Starting to think it might be time to backburner those two books after all. We’ll see. (Sometimes the slowness is a sign that it’s not the right book for me, but sometimes it’s just a temporary glitch, and it isn’t always easy to tell the difference.)
  • Fiction reading: I finished Half a Soul and quite liked it.
  • I’m almost halfway through Max Brooks’ World War Z. The oral history format is fun.
  • I also just started Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia. (I’m one page in.)