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Hark! I’ve replaced the formerly anemic home page (a barebones list of recent work) with a more text-heavy page. That’s right! Text-heavy! Turns out I like text, and reading, and words. More of that, please.

To that end, and also as an attempt at getting this site to start feeling more like a cozy personal site again (not a cozy personals site, to be clear) and way less…sterile, we’ve got a new block of text greeting everyone at the front door. It’s an overview of the site (as opposed to the about page, which is an overview of…me as a person, I guess) (there’s a difference between the two, subtle and blurred though it may be). I’ve also included recommended entry points for various parts of the site, a new idea I’m trying out.

Anyway, it’s nerdy and will probably scare some people off and I’m totally okay with that.