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Cantilever WIP

A couple weeks ago I started on a new typeface I’m calling Cantilever. Originally I thought I would sketch out the characters on paper and trace them, like I did with Pigna, but I’ve ended up just drawing everything so far directly in FontForge. The initial few characters:

Funny how characters can look semi-okay at large sizes but then not at all at text sizes. I went through several iterations to get something I actually liked:

Since I’m intending this for use as a web font, I ended up writing a small JavaScript/HTML app to let me preview my work in-browser, both on desktop and on mobile. It lets me switch between different versions (so I can see if I’m making progress) and also different text blocks. (And of course I can tweak the size and line-height.)

And here’s where Cantilever is right now (version 008):

There’s still a lot to do (fleshing out the rest of the characters, spacing and kerning, etc.), but overall I’m happy with the direction it’s going.