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NaShoStoMo update (day twenty)

As mentioned in my last NaShoStoMo post, I’m a bit behind. It’s day 20 and I’ve only written 14 stories. But I feel fairly confident that I can hit 30 stories by the end of the month, especially now that I’ve learned to write shorter stories (my last three have been 400 words each, instead of my usual 700–1200 words).

  • #7: “If You Could Hie to Kolob” (LDS science fiction)
  • #8: “Crumbs” (retelling of Matthew 15:21–28)
  • #9: “Tyrk” (fantasy, about the circus)
  • #10: “Babushka” (disturbing)
  • #11: “The O-Bomb” (middle-grade, kind of)
  • #12: “The Red Minivan” (fantasy of a sort)
  • #13: “To Have and to Hold” (science fictionish)
  • #14: “Look Up” (thrillerish)

And of course I have plenty of ideas for the remaining sixteen stories.