Ben Crowder

Reading Content

A page for people who have questions about the content of the books I read. By which I mean profanity, sex, and violence, just to be clear.

I believe in reading broadly. This includes books that make me uncomfortable, books depicting acts I believe are wrong, and books I disagree with in some way. I’m probably more liberal in my reading than you might expect or hope.

I do have limits (and I don’t finish books that burn past those boundaries), but I strongly believe that depiction doesn’t necessarily mean condoning, and that books are incredibly important in helping us empathize with other points of view and better understand the world and the other people in it.

By the way, I’m much more conservative with video and music, since visual and aural depictions have a more visceral effect on me (as expected).

For what it’s worth, when I’m reading ebooks I’ve purchased (as opposed to physical books or library ebooks), I use my Scrub script to bleep out the profanity.