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Blog: #vietnamese

More parallel language editions of the Book of Mormon:

  • Afrikaans–English
  • Albanian–English
  • Aymara–English
  • Bulgarian–English
  • Catalan–English
  • Cebuano–English
  • Croatian–English
  • Czech–English
  • Danish–English
  • Estonian–English
  • Fijian–English
  • Finnish–English
  • Greek–English
  • Haitian Creole–English
  • Hawaiian–English
  • Hmong–English
  • Hungarian–English
  • Icelandic–English
  • Igbo–English
  • Iloko–English
  • Indonesian–English
  • Korean–English
  • Malay–English
  • Norwegian–English
  • Polish–English
  • Romanian–English
  • Russian–English
  • Shona–English
  • Swahili–English
  • Swedish–English
  • Tagalog–English
  • Ukrainian–English
  • Vietnamese–English
  • Xhosa–English
  • Yoruba–English
  • Zulu–English
Korean–English side-by-side edition
Ukrainian–English side-by-side edition

I’ll have another batch posted tomorrow, too, with 22 more languages.

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Links #40

Dave Rupert on how the web is something different. Celebrating the democratic nature of the web as a space for everyone, not just professionals. I like that.

Adrian Roselli on responsive type and zooming. Over the last few years I’ve become one of those people who scale text up. Not massively — not yet — and not always, but it very much makes a difference for these aging eyes.

Donny Trương’s free online book on Vietnamese type design. Mmm.

Noah Smith on developing countries in the Global South, which tied in nicely with my recent reading of How Asia Works (and mentions the book as well). Nice to see that Malaysia’s doing better than it was when the book was written.

Radio Garden lets you browse worldwide radio stations via a map. Fun.

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More scripture releases

Today I’m releasing version 2.0 of Words of the Prophets: Selected Sermons from the Book of Mormon and the plates edition of the Book of Mormon, both now using the licensed text. (And the plates edition is also available in Kindle format for the first time.)

I’m also releasing the Book of Mormon study edition in 14 new languages: Afrikaans, Cebuano, Danish, Dutch, Hmong, Hungarian, Norwegian, Romanian, Russian, Swahili, Swedish, Tagalog, Turkish, and Vietnamese.

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