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Links #46

Google’s Well-Tempered Traveler. Love this. Baghdad in July, though — whew.

Matthew MacDonald on whether Canvas rendering might replace the DOM. I like Canvas a lot, but I hope this potential future is far from the timeline we’re living in.

Astro is an intriguing newish static site builder.

Tom MacWright on alternatives to SPAs, also in a similar vein. I need to look more into the projects he links to.

Tim Daub on how he builds JavaScript apps in 2021, which I suppose is also in a similar vein. Sensing a theme here. (And much of this resonated with me. The more minimal the build process, for example, the happier I am.)

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Poor Notre Dame.

While visiting London around a decade ago, I decided on a whim to take the Eurostar over to Paris for a day. Several hours later I stood before the cathedral but sadly — now more than ever — was too done with being a tourist to go inside.

I wish I’d pushed through. And now I can’t help but wonder what percentage of one’s time in old age consists of both shouldering and trying to ignore all the regrets of things undone (or foolishly done) along the way.

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